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  • You are not sure whether expenses you incur are tax deductible.
  • Are your expenses on the edge between business and private consumption?
  • Do you have expenses which are incurred to achieve income but you have not achieved any income yet?
  • Are you concerned about how the tax authorities will treat the costs which are seemingly not connected with achieved income?
  • How about costs connected with financing your business (interest expenses)?
  • Can you adequately prove that the costs were actually incurred?
  • Does a group company charge you with various fees with unclear substance? Are you missing precise information and documents?
  • You received a supply from a related party and you are not sure whether the price charged is in line with arm’s length principle.
  • Your customers do not pay you and you are not sure how to treat the bad debt receivables.
  • Do you incur costs on employee benefits?
  • Do you incur advertising / marketing costs?
  • You would like to know whether amortization of goodwill will be tax-deductible.

Our services

  • Analysis/assessment/consultation/advice to tax deductibility of costs according to current tax legislation.
  • Advice regarding the best practice in the market and sharing knowledge from tax audits (in generic anonymized form).
  • Preparation of supporting documentation for defence of costs in front of the tax administrator in case of a tax audit.

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