AVENIAS is a consulting group focused on the provision of tax and legal advisory services. AVENIAS tax advisors, lawyers and consultants help clients deal with different situations they encounter in their business as well as in other areas of life.

AVENIAS stands for two basic principles which are important in our profession:

AVE is a Latin word and means a salutation and greeting. This greeting is a symbol of our personal approach.

AVENIR means “future” in French (AVENIR – à venir “what has to come”). This expresses our effort to think ahead. Therefore we offer our clients comprehensive advisory services.

AVENIAS cooperates with tax advisors and lawyers in Slovakia as well as in other countries. Founders of AVENIAS are active members of Corporate Tax Alliance, an international network of tax consultants:

AVENIAS in Slovakia brings together the individual companies AVENIAS Tax, s.r.o., AVENIAS Tax Slovensko, s.r.o., AVENIAS Compliance, s.r.o. and A Law, s.r.o. advokátska kancelária. These companies are legally independent entities governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic, including the regulations of the respective professional self-government organizations.