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  • Did you receive a notification on the launch of a tax audit? Are you thinking of how to get ready?
  • Are you struggling with how to answer a notice from the tax authorities?
  • Are the tax authorities requesting sensitive (confidential) information from you?
  • Did you receive a lengthy and indecipherable decision from the tax office?
  • Are you struggling with how to defend yourself against additionally assessed tax, rejection of excessive VAT deduction or preliminary measure?
  • Are the questions of the tax authorities hitting the bull’s eye / on target?

Our services

  • Representation during a tax audit.
  • Providing ongoing communication with the auditors of the tax authorities.
  • Analysis of the requirements of the tax authorities and formulation of recommendations for further proceedings for our clients.
  • Review of submitted documents – early warning and pointing out risks.
  • Preparation of answers to notices, preparation of requests for deadline extensions, preparation of complaints.
  • Preparing comments to the protocol from tax audit.
  • Preparation of appeal and other remedies including court action.

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