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  • Do you import goods from foreign countries or just consider starting to do it? Do you want to import material for further processing or production technologies?
  • Do you export goods? What if the customer from the foreign country returns goods to you (e.g. for purposes of repair)? Do you know whether you have to pay import duties?
  • Do you import or export goods for temporary use?
  • Do you have doubts about proper customs classification of goods?
  • Do you know how to determine customs value and how the customs value may influence other taxes (VAT, income tax)?
  • Are you interested in simplifying your customs processes?

Our services

  • Consulting services in all relevant customs disciplines: customs valuations, customs classification, customs procedures, administrative formalities, reliefs, customs optimization.
  • Analysis of customs procedures and recommendations of a suitable business model.
  • Assistance upon acquiring a certificate of authorized economic operator (AEO).
  • Assistance upon obtaining an EORI number.
  • Assistance in customs litigations.

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