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  • Your accountant quit and you do not know who will prepare the VAT return this month.
  • Your business expanded and your VAT reports are increasingly complex and extensive.
  • You are worried that you may supply goods or services for which your customer will not pay and you will have to pay VAT to the tax authorities anyway.
  • VAT burdens your cash-flow.
  • You performed a cross-border transaction and you are not sure about its VAT consequences and VAT treatment.
  • You are interested to know whether the supplies of goods or services you make or receive could be exempt from VAT or subject to reverse-charge procedure.
  • You purchase or sell real estate and you do not know the VAT implications of such transactions.
  • You are not sure whether your processes allow for correct VAT reporting and optimum cash-flow.

Our services

  • Preparation of entire VAT reporting: VAT returns, VAT ledgers, EU Sales Lists, Intrastat reports.
  • Review of VAT returns, VAT ledgers and EU Sales Lists prepared by you.
  • VAT filings.
  • Conversion into XML, signing and electronic filing.
  • VAT health check / limited review of the setup of your business systems.
  • Consulting services in the VAT area.

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