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  • Are you seconding your employees to work abroad? Do you consider what consequences it has on you and them?
  • Do you receive foreign employees from the group to work at your company in Slovakia? Temporarily or for a longer period?
  • Will you bear or recharge certain costs in this respect?
  • How about travel allowances?
  • Do you deal with social security and health care insurance issues in connection with the assignment of employees?
  • Do you consider whether it is necessary to amend the employment contract of the employee? Are you wondering how the assignment of the employee will affect employer-employee relationships?

Our services

  • Tax advice in respect of the structures of assignment of employees.
  • Legal advice in respect of structures of assignment of employees.
  • Registration for health care and social security insurance.
  • Review/Preparation of contractual documentation.
  • Solving issues with the Social Insurance Company and health care insurance companies
  • Preparation of applications for certificates for purposes of social security and health care insurance (issuance of A1certificate).

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