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  • Are you considering which form of a corporate entity is the most suitable for your business?
  • Are you going to do business with partners, and would you like to make legal arrangements for each other?
  • Are you interested in the available ways of distributing the company’s profits?

Our services

  • Establishing companies and branches / organisational units.
  • Assessment of business contracts.
  • Identification of the ultimate beneficial owner of the company and its entry into commercial register.
  • Drafting contractual arrangements for the performance of the statutory body in a company and the relationship between the partners / shareholders of the company.
  • Assessing whether a company is legally in the state of insolvency or impending insolvency and proposing measures to overcome the state of insolvency / impending insolvency.
  • Assistance with an increase or decrease in registered capital and the creation of a capital fund from contributions.
  • Representation of the partner / shareholder at the general meeting or chairing of the general meeting.
  • Assistance with liquidation of the company, including performance of the liquidator’s function.
  • Registration of any changes in the data entered on the company or the branch / organisational unit to the commercial register and preparation of the prescribed documentation.


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